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Not only making your body healthier, but the earth as well. #vegan #proudtobevegan


Not only making your body healthier, but the earth as well. #vegan #proudtobevegan

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Solar Roadways | Indiegogo →

They are only half way there with three days left! Go help them out! Any size donation counts. This could be a big step towards more renewable energy!

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Beach season is coming AGAIN!

Personally, I plan to go to the beacha at least 5 times this summer. This year lets make beach going a greener experience.

  • Travel-take a bus to the nearest beach or load your car up with friends and carpool. 
  • Respect the wildlife-use the walk overs instead of trampling through the dunes. The dunes are an important part of the eco system at a beach.
  • Picnic-hit up the farmers market and bring other earth friendly low packaging foods and snacks. 
  • Keep it clean-if you bring your dog, clean up after him/her. They can’t do it themselves. Don’t litter, and if you feel so inclined maybe pick up a few peices of litter when you see them.

And as always use UV protection and have a safe trip!

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Old furniture.

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT throw away old furniture unless something is heinously wrong with it. If good will won’t take it, someone from craigslist will. There are so many second hand stores that take donations or are solely run on donations that would love to have that old coffee table, head board, bed frame, etc. Don’t ever throw away furniture unless it can’t be fixed, sold, or given away. 

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A petition for safer products →

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Energy audit

If you’re committed to making a change (or just to saving money) you can get a professional energy audit for your home or office. This will give you a real idea of the changes you need to make.

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Just another reason to reconsider my post about reusable diapers.

Just another reason to reconsider my post about reusable diapers.

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Quick tip

Since we are inbetween the season of AC and the season of heaters I thought I would give you a quick money saving, and environmentally friendly tip. When the AC or heat is on make sure all of your windows and doors are shut. The more temperature controlled air you let out the harder your units will have to work. If you want to enjoy a day of nice weather simply turn off your system before opening doors and windows to let the fresh air in. 

A greener landscape →

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